Tim having a little moment on IG tonight 

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I used to be all about lip gloss in uni. Now, it’s all about lip balm. Mmmm, vanilla. *smacks lips*

Only few people truly care. The rest are just curious.

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I HATE depending on anybody for anything ‘cause eventually it’ll be thrown in my face at the slightest mistake. 

Can’t listen to Most High x Deitrick Haddon without thinking of my best friend. She was so hyped over this song lol


I hope y’all been in that #duraghistoryweek tag cuz it is hilarious and everything to my Blk self.

Yesssss lmbo

Congrats on your bachelors, Suzy! And you gonna mash up di masters too!
(ps I see the Wolmers diploma hehe #agequodagis)

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Whatever the case may be

—When you can’t find, or to lazy to think of, another example. (via blackproverbs)

My tumblr wasn’t always full of crap, I used to write nice things about God lol. (see: tagged/ Jesus, God, Christian, etc)

My hair locs up way faster when I retwist with no products..

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for a second there I thought you said justin beiber I’m like oh my gosh oh m-y gosh x)

Justin Timberlake is the original! I was the happiest girl when I got No Strings Attached for my 9th/10 th birthday. It is so scratched up lol. I believe I still know every song word for word